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Italian Way of Life - Retreat

A full immersion concentrating o 4 differents themes:

nutritional habits,


yoga practice 

mediterranean healthy cooking class

A complete retreat experience created especially for non-nationals so they can enjoy and learn about the healthy aspects of the Italian way of life.

A nutritional program enriched with rituals and routines to create healthy habits in your daylife.

What we do during this retreats:

-we will learn to cook traditional Mediterranean recipes in a healthy way

-we will collect wild herbs and learn how to use them in the kitchen we will create a daily routine that you can take home to recreate your well-being every day we will study


together how to choose the menu and the foods to support our well-being

-we will do yoga and mindfulness sessions together


we will discover the territory that hosts us, knowing local producers of wine, cheese and preserves.


For any queries, information or to understand if our Italian way of Life Programm is right for your Hotel/SPA or Farmhouse, please write us an e-mail.