I am a registered qualified Nutritional Consultant, I studied at the Placket International College in the UK. I am a  member of the Associazione Professionistit del Benessere ( APDB), which is the professional body for register nutritional consultants.


I passionately believe that Nutrition can be used for good health, and in healing from the root cause, as it played a major role in my own health recovery and is the reason why I am a Nutritionist.  If our body is not getting the right amount of nutrients, in the correct ratios, over time we can experience many health problems.

As everyone is different, every consultation is different. I believe in working closely with the individual to achieve an integrated personalized nutrition and lifestyle program, specifically aimed at achieving their health goals.


I am a specialist in Digestive health/Weight loss, Food allergies/ Intolerance, pre/post menopausal symptoms, autoimmune health and stress management.

Together we create a new lifestyle which is achievable.  I am not a fan of 'calorie counting', as I think it is an ineffective approach. I offer practical advice and ongoing support to help to achieve your long-term health goals that will help you feel better, look better and and have more energy.

Virna Falaschi
Member of SINAPE