Health & Longevity Program

8 Weekly in-house meetings


We have created a complete prevention and wellness program that aims to help your employees create new and healthy habits, looking at both nutrition and lifestyle.


Implementing a corporate wellness strategy can be an effective tool for safeguarding the long-term wellness and productivity of your staff and team.

Our aim is to show your staff practical tools that can be incorporated into their lives, to change their habits.

These weekly meeting will help increase your staff’s health, happiness and productivity.


We have created a complete program of 8 meetings that aims to help staff create new and healthy habits. 


Your staff costs are your biggest expense and this program invests in their wellbeing and sends a clear message that they are valued and appreciated.  It is a perfect opportunity for them to regain health; and in the process encourage team building.


Each weeks our team  meet your employees  creating a road map to achieve the goals together defined.

In only two month we help your employees to break the cycle of unhealthy eating, crash dieting and erratic mood/food driven eating. We discuss detoxification, sugar imbalance, mindfulness, stress management, as well as nutrition and supplements.


The path starts from a personal analysis of current eating habits in order to set up a healthy nutritional/lifestyle protocol.  This nutritional input and lifestyle advice will help your employees in dealing with everyday stress and help prevent future illnesses.


Then we analyzed the elemantar bases about mind relax and meditation with help of a yoga teacher.   

An example of topics covered at these meetings and workshops are:


  • Balanced nutrition in which the benefits of healthy eating habits are highlighted, promoting group initiatives for weight loss. 

  • The encouragement of regular physical activity. 

  • Stress Management, and helping staff find a better work/home balance. 

  • Supporting staff to quit unhealthy habits such as smoking. 

How many hours are you losing due to sick days, stress leave and burnout? 

What does nutrition education in the workplace mean for you and your company?


It is a known fact that we live in a fast paced results-driven world with fewer breaks and greater expectations, and a lot of us rely on caffeine and sugar just to keep going.


Many Companies invest in fitness/gym programs for their staff while neglecting to take into consideration their staff nutrition and lifestyle needs and the great impact it has on their health.

For any queries, information or to understand if our Corporate Wellness program is right for your company, write us an e-mail.