I am a registered Nutritional Consultant. I studied at Plaskett international College in the UK.


I have been trained in the principles of detoxification, a science based approach to health and healing, that looks at the body as a whole and assesses the underlying causes of symptoms that express themselves as disease. 


Rather than look at symptoms in isolation, I seek to support underlying imbalances and address the root cause. 


I have completed the Course of Stress Management at Herbal Academy.

I work in the Wellness industry because it is contributing to the improvement of people’s wellness. Health translates into being free from disease, whereas Wellness translates into living an elevated life, above normal standards and striving to be the best version we can possibly be of ourselves. 

Working in Wellness allows me to be in the midst of everything I love: health, happiness and innovation. 

To make an appointment with me, please write me an email at francesca@healthwellnessconsultant.com


Nutrizione Olistica​ / Nutritional Consultant

Esperto in Nutraceutica


Hata e Kundalini Teacher

Meditation Teacher

Brain Longevity Specialist



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AFFWA (Accademia Funzionale del Fitness...) 

Integrazione alimentare per lo Sport e la Performance Fisica

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Upainuc - La modulazione epigenetica attraverso l'alimentazione e la nutraceutica


Francesca Natali
Certified Nutritional Consultant at Plasket International College
Member of FENOOP (Federazione Nazionale Operatori Olistici Professionisti)