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While employees enjoy the nutritional care services right in their office, employers (and the company) reap the benefits. Great benefits come from corporate wellness programs e.g. increased productivity, reduced stress, fewer sick days, and improved overall health.

Why should you invest in the wellbeing of your workforce? Simply said – your staff are integral to the success of your business!

Showing your employees you have a vested interest in their health and wellbeing plays a major role in boosting staff morale and their health.

How many hours are you losing due to sick days, stress leave and burnout? What does nutrition education in the workplace mean for you and your company? How does it fit in with your corporate social responsibility program?


It is a known fact that we live in a fast paced results-driven world with fewer breaks and greater expectations, and a lot of us rely on caffeine and sugar just to keep going. Many employees face a future of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and the greater chance of getting diabetes type 2. 


Many Companies invest in fitness/ gym programs for their staff while neglecting to take into consideration their staff nutrition and lifestyle needs and the great impact it has on their health.


Implementing a corporate wellness strategy can be an effective tool for safeguarding the long-term wellness and productivity of your staff and team.

Our aim is to show your staff practical tools that can be incorporated into their lives, to change their habits.



On-Site Private Consultations

Private individual consultations for specific health concerns or goals.


Corporate Wellness Workshop/Seminars

Interactive workshops designed to offer practical solutions to eating in a modern world. Workshop outcomes include improved health, memory, energy and immunity, reduced stress and the prevention of mood swings.

Healthy Office Challange

A fun, goal oriented, team-building challenge for the whole office. Includes talks, handouts, and progress tracking and mentoring support. Choose from a healthy eating challenge; detox challenge or a good lifestyle habits challenge. We see more and more offices doing fun runs /marathon, why not also focus on your staff’s nutritional needs too!! 

Discover our Programs

Fitness Be Well Program

8 weekly meetings organized for your fitness club or to support your personal training works.

Health & Longevity Program

8 Weekly in-house meetings

Yoga Addicted Program

6 weekly meetings studied for your yoga clients.

Italian Way of Life - Retreat

A full immersion with 4 differents purposes:

nutritional habits, mindfulness, yoga practice Mediterranean healthy cooking class for foreign people  living in Italy or foreign customers.